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Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory

Is what you want in your life right on the other side of an "invisible wall"?


Do you want a deeper sense of purpose?


Do you want a more authentic sense of enjoyment in your life?


You can take control of your life energy and use anything that has happened, or is happening now, to create more of the future that YOU want.


Get more energy to do the things that are important to you and get your life going, winning at doing the things you love.  Get out of the rut, and up onto the big road!


"Prevail" starts with my story, and moves into YOURS.


I share my story of rising from extreme adversity to a life that is now truly filled with happiness and rewarding experiences.  I offer tools to help you use the power of your own being, to guide and inspire yourself to a new sense of being able to make the most of this precious life.


Dare to Cheer up.  Grab this book.   Take a leap, and get on board!


is available both in paperback and on Kindle. 


Here's the link to the page on Amazon:


Coming soon:

The Essential Excuse Handbook

77 Excuses to Get Out of Doing Just about Anything


Green Fire

Creativity Under Pressure: Making It Through in Big Sur, 2016-2018


River of Destiny

The Franks: Crossing the Rhine by Torchlight, 388 AD


My blog, dating back to 2013, contains insights about creativity, and stories and pictures of Big Sur, where I have lived for over 45 years.


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