Personal Retreats in Big Sur


Big Sur wild country really can fascinate you!

Are you ready for a personal retreat? 


You are in the right place!


With forty-five years of experience

in the back country, homesteading, living the life of an artist and a writer,


I am all about taking care of

the creative people of this world,

and refreshing you with the wild energy of the most magical part of Big Sur!


If you have a creative project, a really important one,  that takes ALL of your focus, and want to get a recharge, gain a boost in your energy, then talk to me about putting together a retreat, one that will nourish you and give you fresh energy, straight from the heart of nature.


Do you really want to see the most amazing part of Big Sur?  Have you always wondered what the stars really look like?  Do you want to take a walk in the redwoods, feelng the quiet and smelling the fresh air of the forest?



What I am offering:  I will work with you to design the perfect experience in the amazing beauty of the Big Sur back country.


I will take care of you as my guest, and help guide you through an experience that will transform your idea of who you are and what is possible for you. As a veteran of the back country, with over forty years of experience in the wild, I know the power that nature has to nourish and transform.


A few of the options:


*Nature walks


*Personal coaching

*Quiet time in the forest

*Vision time

*Fresh, top quality food

* Star-gazing 

*Peace and quiet to just relax


Schedule time with me to design your personal recharge, by clicking below.


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