FREE Online Webinar for Creative Writing!  June 16th, 2022 at  3-4 PM Pacific

Special Presentation by

Betty Withrow and Ronda Taylor



What would it be like to set aside the time to get going on that writing project?  You've been thinking about it, and you've been putting it we are offering you a time to get together with other writers and make the progress you have been wishing for.


Being in a group will give you the opportunity to share your insights and learn from others.


This webinar will give you structure and support to make the first steps, with clarity and confidence. We will guide you through the first steps of creating your piece of writing to get your energy going and give you confidence.


We will give you prompts to get the writing process into flow, and solid information about how to create an engaging story.


The Three Golden Apples for Creative Writing Success 

is a system that Betty developed 

to make it crystal clear how you can put together 

the writing you have been wanting to do.


It’s based on the classical system of writing, adapted for modern times.


You will learn how to: 


Identify the exact purpose of your message, what you want your writing to do


Connect with your ideal reader, the person who can understand and act on your message


Express your genuine voice 


In this one-hour webinar, Ronda and Betty will share with you the fruits of decades of experience in the writing and publishing arts.  There will be a question and answer period.


Who we are:


Betty Withrow is a book coach, and an editor as well as a copy writer for professionals and business owners. She is a specialist in language and the art of persuasion by means of the written word.


She is passionate about providing support to her clients to get their message and voice out in the world. When editing, she makes sure to keep the tone of the author and when creating copy, she focuses on the use of the language to meet the needs of the market her clients want to serve. She is a published author, and her blog has a large online following.


Ronda Taylor


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