Is your writing project waiting for you to show up and  finish the job?                                  



If you have started a writing project and "hit a wall" you are not alone

At some point, every author has this experience.


Don't give up! You don't have to go it alone!


There are many ways to fail, but only one way to succeed.  When you use the scientific method, things become manageable and you get results.


The formula is simple.




Do you need copy for your marketing?


Are you ready to revitalize that

book, blog, article,

that has been on hold? 


Are you ready to

catapult your career to the next level

by becoming an author?


I'm Betty Withrow,

owner and operator of The Writer's Launchpad.


As an author, blogger, workshop leader, and speaker,

I am committed to the art and the craft of writing.


I work with top professionals in their fields,

to develop marketing materials and training,

 writing and/or editing copy,

as well as coaching,

giving support wherever it is necessary

to get the project completed.

Together, we create systems that will

support your needs and move you forward.


In today's busy marketplace it is crucial to find new ways to highlight your expertise in order to call in more business and increase your earning power. 

A book is the ultimate tool to do just that!

I publish my own blogs, articles and books. 


I have been featured as a guest blogger on Sixty and Me,

and by The Red Carpet for Superstar Women Entrepereurs,

and I publish on Ezine Articles as well as on other online platforms.


I write copy for all types of businesses,

paying close attention to the marketplace that is being served,

and highlighting the skills and expertise of my clients,

while focusing on clear outcomes for the customer.


My services also include author support for creative writing, including memoirs, novels, and personal narratives. 

Talk to me about getting your project over the finish line.



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