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Your web site is your way to show what you can do and who you are. 

It draws your customer in,

when you have a story that is informative and engaging. 


Customers feel they know you

when you tell them the answers to their questions,

and they want to know more. 

There are lots of service providers out there,

so telling people exactly what you have to offer, and

presenting the real you,

with the information customers want,

is the key to success.


If you want to stand out from the crowd,

contact me for a design consultation

 to create website copy

that is all your own;

one that tells your prospects what they want to know,

and that gives you the confidence to hand someone that you just met your card and say,


"Check out my site and let's keep in touch." 




100 word business bio $75

300 word business bio $225


Power Point Presentations

Custom quote per project



Services and pricing for writing projects

Simple edit: includes grammar and sentence clarity only, $.04/word
Up to 70,000 words.

web content

email series

Projects of higher word count: provide content review to determine needs, and quote given on case by case basis.


Advanced edit: includes in-depth review of content with comments to improve clarity of concept or information needed to make the writing factually correct, for one review.
$.055/word up to 70,000 words. Includes concept flow review,

moving paragraphs if needed to have concepts flow correctly.
Larger projects reviewed and quote given on case by case basis. Rewrites: after review of project, quote made on a case by case basis Content creation: includes questionnaire to use for writing content.

Betty Withrow


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Contact me for information about

the book support package 

which includes multiple services,

and is customized for you.

Coaching and Services for Author Support

Motivation, Momentum, Method...

they are all parts of the process.

I support you in creating a writing process

that serves your unique needs as an author.


There isn't one way to do it that is the only right way. 


No two writers are alike, and no two pieces of writing are the same.

When you know how to make your process work,

you can overcome ideas that hold you back, and step into your dreams to make them realities.


Get complete support for all your writing needs. 

I will support you in getting your message clear in your mind, and creating a system that works for you.  I will show you how to open up the power of language.

You will understand exactly what your writing is meant to accomplish

and how you can make that happen. 

You will have time strategies that work,

and that grow naturally from your own state of being.


The same way that you create your life, every minute of the day,

YOU create the kind of time that you experience and use in your life.


Let me show you how you can create the kind of time frame

that fits into the life you already have,

and supports you in


Achieving Your Goals.


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