Three Golden Apples                                               For Business Writing Success                                Self Paced Writing Workshop                             $67


Question #1: Are you looking for a writing structure method that takes a topic and creates clarity?


Question #2:
Would you like a three-step writing system that assures each share will gain you big attention int the marketplace?


Question #3:
Do you want to create posts and

content that will close more deals?


Three Golden Apples for Business Writing Success

Self-Paced Workshop


A simple writing structure method that takes you

step by step through how to


1. Speak in the language of your market,


2. Present your expertise in the marketplace

to position yourself as the best choice,


3. Describe clear outcomes for the customer.

What makes this system unique: 


 I show you the tools I learned from a powerful mentor who taught me the principles that are the core of all types of communication.


This powerful system  is based on the classic art and science of persuasive writing, or rhetoric, put into modern language and form to make the tools easy to grasp and implement. 


The Three Golden Apples are the three central principles of communication:


I teach these in a simple way

using video, PowerPoint slides, and worksheets

in a self-paced learning process.


When you purchase this program,

you will be sent an email immediately

with a link to the downloadable content.

I am ready to support you

in creating the powerful messages that can

support your business success.


$67 for the complete system.

Invest in  your success!


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