Betty Withrow:

Author, blogger, workshop leader, speaker


I am a creative professional who has spent my life working in the visual arts and the written word. 


All my life, I have been in love with language and the possiblities it presents to make things better. 

Language is the most potent tool there is for creating meaningful change and success.



The message and its importance are enhanced

when the truth that lies in fine distinctions

is embedded in the writing. 

Attention to detail, and producing top quality results in everything I do,

is my promise to myself and to the world.


I've been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, working as a fashion professional, as well as in ranching, food service, and as a writer.


For 47 years, I was a homesteader in Big Sur, California, doing whatever was needed to make the day work, running local businesses and raising a family. 

Every day of life is filled with action in the wilderness, and I used each moment to its best advantage.  I learned from Nature that no excuse will do, and I take that lesson forward in life.


Now relocated in the Monterey area, I am reinventing myself, happy to have a vision to pursue, a mission to accomplish, and people in my life who challenge me, support me, and give me inspiration.


When I am creating copy, the focus is on the use of language in a precise way to meet the needs of the markets that clients want to serve.  Each marketplace has a different communication style, and I tailor the messages to the specific environment.


When editing, I keep the tone of the author and use my knowledge of language to light up the voice of the author.  I pay close attention to detail and keeping consistency with the message when I work with clients. 


When designing systems for author support, I use templates and questionaires

to guide the process in a way that suits the needs of the project.  No two writing projects are alike.  I design custom systems that break things down into simple steps to move you across the finish line.  You don't have to go it alone!


I have been a blogger since 2013. I have published many articles using online platforms and as a guest blogger, also serving as editor for proessional organizations in their newsbriefs and communications.


It has been my honor to edit books for prominent professionals in their fields, and to write web site copy for top consultants. 


I have worked with the team that drafted the planning process for the Californaia Coastal Trail, Big Sur Section, from 2014 until the present. 


With  three published books, I am  currently working on several new projects.


I am the author of Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory and its companion volume Creative Victory.  Prevail tells her story of rising from extreme abuse as a child to living a life that is full, happy and rewarding.  Betty shares the key qualities that every person has to use creative insight and commitment to action in transforming your experiences to create a better reality.


More recently, I published The Essential Excuse Handbook.  this guide to getting out of the excuse rut lists the major excuses that are used and what they are really saying.  Along the way, I get tough, make a joke out of it, and challenge you to do something about it all!


Listen to what people say...


"Betty made me feel that ALL writing is worthy, no matter what the style or topic.".

Ellen Wrona,


"Her life experience is one that makes her a true teacher of the written word."...Jennifer Hardy,


"Her story is dynamic and her wisdom about the value of writing make her a must see."..Julie Foucht,

"Listening to Betty talk about her writing and coaching made me ask myself questions about what my internal voice had to say? How would that change me and my audience? Betty talks with knowledge, from the heart and her life's work and experience." Victoria Imrie, www.

“Before working with Betty I was feeling scattered and overwhelmed. The calls with Betty helped me get clarity...  Betty has an amazing talent of taking my ideas and simplifying them into manageable action steps.  Betty was able to cut though all the information that was swirling in my head and helped me zero in on the actions that would be most advantageous for me.  I especially value her ability to keep me on target and moving forward in the right direction.”  - Doris Beckman,

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