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Language is the most potent tool there is for creating meaningful change and success. I am a creative professional who has spent my life working in the visual arts and the written word. 


All my life, I have been in love with language and the possiblities it presents to make things better.


Attention to detail, and producing top quality results in everything I do,

is my promise to myself and to the world.


When I am ghost writing or creating copy, the focus is on the use of language in a precise way to meet the needs of the markets that clients want to serve.  Each marketplace has a different communication style, and I tailor the messages to the specific environment.


When editing, I keep the tone of the author and use my knowledge of language to light up the voice of the author.  I pay close attention to detail and keeping consistency with the message when I work with clients. 


When coaching and designing systems for author support, I use templates and questionaires to guide the process in a way that suits the needs of the project.  No two writing projects are alike.  I design custom systems that break things down into simple steps to move you across the finish line.  You don't have to go it alone!



Here are some of my happy clients talking about their results:


Choosing to work with Betty is one of the best decisions I made. Her calm, caring and encouraging coaching style was something I discovered immediately.

I had a book idea for years and with her help I'm well on my way! She has so much valuable experience as an author and a coach and within our first session she helped me develop a strong outline to start working from. She has given me advice and ideas that have helped strengthen my writing and my confidence. I continue to work with her and plan to have her edit my manuscript as well.

Betty is a treasure and you will love working with her.

Linda Bonner, author of Waiting on the Sunrise: Hope for Families and their Disabled Children



"Betty made it simple to finish up my book and have it polished and ready for the market.  I was very happy with her prompt responses, her attention to detail, and her clear communication process.

She got back to me right away about any concerns and we resolved them quickly and simply".


Nancy Giere, author of Bundle Your Brilliance


Betty is an absolute dream to work with. Not only is she fast & good -

but she takes the daunting task of writing -

and makes it FUN. She goes over and above on the deliverables - worth every penny!


Carla Cherry, Power Offers  


Betty Withrow is a writer who picks up

your essence and message better than you do and gets your words singing. 

She adapts words that give your best message.


Marla Koupal, The Vitality Mentor,

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Betty is the go-to writer and editor for anything in your biz. Her service is stellar, fast, and on point!

Tobey Ann Terry, Beauty and Empowerment Coach, Live Camera Confidence,

Santa Barbara, California


As a small business owner I appreciate how difficult it is to get your messaging just right. That's why I work with Betty. She is able to clarify the personality I bring to my organization and communicate that to my prospects so they see the real value I can offer them.


Scott Aksamit, Competitive Edge Martial Arts and Mastery of Positive Thinking Academy,

Engelwood, Colorado


Betty Withrow is my go-to for everything writing and copy.

She is an amazing resource. I highly recommend her.

Joie Gharrity, 113 Branding, author of Being Your Own Superstar

San Mateo, California


I knew if anybody was going to finish the job, it would be Betty Withrow.

The late Gina Estrada, author of Start Here: Your Guide Through the Cancer Journey

Monterey, California


Betty is able to take a message to a different level by using her knowledge of words and language to edit materials to give the message clarity and it make it easy for the reader to grasp. 

She can take materials from one medium and translate them to another for different purposes and works with the author to be clear about the intent of the writing.


Johanna Alper, Medicine Buddha Coaching,

Boulder, Colorado


Betty wrote some emails for me. She’s great!


David Roter, Massage for Wellness,

Vallejo, California


The Light Digital commissioned Betty to write two blogs for a website we were building for a client. Betty wrote both more quickly than expected -- and delivered exactly what we were looking for. We will be working with Betty for other projects. She is a delight to work with.


Paul Benton, CEO The Light Digital


Betty was easy to work with and a pleasant surprise when it came to how naturally she picked up my voice and values. Getting an outside perspective is always valuable but having one that truly gets you is invaluable. She was spot on, had a quick turnaround, and was just plain fun to talk to.

I'll be using her for as much of my copywriting needs as possible going forward.

Rogera Touissant-Michel, MTM Executives


Betty has many Raving Fans! Betty is dedicated to teaming up with you, helping you complete all the writing issues that you are not an expert in. Let Betty do the heavy lifting and get your content flowing, sounding fabulous and organized ready to publish!


Natalie DeLeo, Mortgage Resource Plus


Highly Recommended

I have had the pleasure to work under the professional and diligent guidance of Betty. She has an amazing understanding of her craft and will bring all projects to fruition in an efficient matter. Highly recommend.


Regards, Francois Lupien


I've been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, working as a fashion professional, as well as in ranching, food service, and as a writer.


For 47 years, I was a homesteader in Big Sur, California, doing whatever was needed to make the day work, running local businesses and raising a family. 

Every day of life is filled with action in the wilderness, and I used each moment to its best advantage. 


I learned from Nature that no excuse will do, and I take that lesson forward in life.


I have been a blogger since 2013. I have published many articles using online platforms and as a guest blogger, also serving as editor for proessional organizations in their newsbriefs and communications.


It has been my honor to edit books for prominent professionals in their fields, and to write web site copy for top consultants. 


I have worked with the team that drafted the planning process for the Californaia Coastal Trail, Big Sur Section, from 2014 until the present, when the proposal has been passed into law by the State Legislature of California. 


With  three published books, I am  currently working on several new projects.


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